ALAFFIA Cultural Center for connecting Togolese and American Art and Music

The American rapper Amanda Seales on scene
Ambassador David Gilmour delivering his remarks
Ambassador David Gilmour delivering his remarks

On Saturday, October 7, 2017, at the Alaffia Cultural Center, the American and Togolese cultures melted in an astonishing musical concert, thanks to the support of the Alaffia Company  created by the Togolese and American Olowo-N’djo Tchala. Performers were the Togolese artists Dama Damawuzan and the Sassamasso band, and  from the USA, Amanda Seales.  From 19:00 to 21:30, these talented musicians marveled at an audience of more than 150 spectators, including high-ranking personalities and diplomats, artists and supporters of the arts and culture, as well as exchange program alumni . Once more , Ambassador Gilmour  could not help   revealing his amazing skills as a saxophonist.

This cultural evening is a prelude to the official inauguration ceremony of the center.

In supporting this initiative, the US Embassy intends not only to create connections between the Togolese and American cultural world, but also to promote its policy of prosperity through the arts and culture, in a firm partnership with all sectors of the social life of Togo. Ambassador Gilmour expressed it through his remarks saying: “Like Olowo-n’djo, I believe that art is good for the soul, and it’s also good for business. Art and culture can be important drivers of economic growth. We know that Togo wants to be a hub for transportation and trade, but why not for culture, too?”

DCM M.DeTar, Olowo-N'djo Tchala and other special guests and personalities
DCM M.DeTar, Olowo-N’djo Tchala, Ambassador David Gilmour and other special guests and personalities