Ambassador speech on Launch of « Les Lauriers du Journalisme au Togo »

Sponsor countries’ ambassadors at the prize launch
Ambassador David Gilmour delivring his speech
Ambassador David Gilmour delivring his speech

Launch of « Les Lauriers du Journalisme au Togo »                                   

Date: February 6, 2018
Venue: Onomo Hotel
Ambassador speech 

Distinguished guests,

The strengthening of the press has long been a priority for the U.S. Embassy. We place a great deal of interest in the work of journalists who devote time and energy to doing extensive research and disseminating content that is not only informative but also educational. Whatever the area, we appreciate the hard work and wish to reward it.

We are proud to put this award together with the other embassies and the ISICA School, because we want to work independently of the political and economic powers. With this prize, we hope that, over the years, Togolese journalists will adopt the values ​​that make the fourth estate credible, and that in a few words stand out: independence, objectivity, pluralism.

All I have to do is wish good luck to all the competitors and look forward to May when we will celebrate the free and professional press of Togo.

Thank you