Ambassador’s Remarks at VOA Launch Ceremony

Ambassador’s Remarks
VOA Launch Ceremony
December 14, 2018


Monsieur the President of the High Authority for Audi-Visual Communication
Monsieur the Minister of Communication
Monsieur the Director of Radio Lome
Madame the Director of ISICA
Esteemed members of the press
Honored Guests
Ladies and Gentlemen

Thank you for your presence at this historic ceremony. It is with the greatest sense of satisfaction that I take the floor this morning. Since practically the first day I arrived in Togo as U.S. Ambassador three years ago, I have been pushing hard to get Voice of America on the Togolese airwaves. Today, this dream has become a reality. Starting from this morning, Togolese people will be able to tune in to Voice of America on FM 102.3

I would like to seize this opportunity to thank the staff of the HAAC for working closely with my team at the Embassy to bring this project to its conclusion. I want to once again reiterate my thanks to President Pitalounani for his leadership, which I believe was instrumental in finally carrying this project to the finish line.

I believe strongly that VOA will be an important and beneficial addition to the media landscape in Togo.

In the first place, VOA will represent a source of credible information for Togolese listeners. Since 1942, the Voice of America has built a global reputation as a consistently reliable source of news and information. Togolese listeners who tune in to VOA will hear the news reported in a way that is accurate, objective, and comprehensive. Nowadays, when disinformation and falsehoods spread more easily than ever, the people of Togo are thirsty for information that is reliable and objective. VOA will respond to this need.

The other reason to applaud the arrival of VOA is that it will mean more English on the radio. Over the past several decade, English has emerged as the global language of trade and commerce. In order to realize its ambition to become an international hub for services, logistics, and transport, Togo needs a population that speaks English. Fortunately, VOA provides hours of programming each day in English – including programs specially designed for English learners – that will help Togolese audiences master the language and feel confident speaking and communicating in English.

So, for all these reasons, today is a very important day for the development of the media landscape here in Togo and the development of positive relations between our two countries.  To all of you who worked hard to make this day a reality, I offer you my thanks once again.

It is therefore my great pleasure to declare VOA officially launched in Togo on FM 102.3


Thank you very much