American International School of Lome Graduation

David Gilmour at AISL senior graduation ceremony
David Gilmour at AISL senior graduation ceremony

On June 9, Ambassador David Gilmour gave the keynote speech at the American International School of Lomé’s senior graduation ceremony.  The eight graduates plan to pursue their studies – some in the United States – in the fields of graphic design, economics, information technology, communications, international relations and medicine.

In his remarks to the graduating seniors, the Ambassador offered many words of wisdom, among them: “No matter how smart you are or how much education you’ve had, your ability to get along with people is what will take you the farthest.  Personal qualities like kindness and compassion, honesty and hard work – in almost any work situation, they matter more than technical skills or know-how.  So my advice is, whatever you do, whether it’s academic study or career work, be enthusiastic about what you do, and most of all, be nice to people.  It will reward you handsomely.”

AISL Graduation
AISL Graduation partial view