David Gilmour visited Lomé

YALI 2014 Regina and DAS David Glimour
Washington Fellow Régina Kpotor greets Deputy Assistant Secretary Gilmour and Ambassador Whitehead looking.

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Diplomacy in the Bureau of African Affairs David Gilmour visited Lomé, Togo from January 22-25.  His two-day program focused on the Mission’s public diplomacy programming, with an emphasis on youth engagement, including the Young African Leaders Initiative 5. Mandela Washington Fellows, and English-language promotion. In discussions with DAS Gilmour, Togolese Minister for Youth and Youth Employment detailed GOT programs aimed at reducing youth unemployment. During a briefing from senior Togolese Naval officials, DAS Gilmour discussed maritime security in Togo, ending with a tour of the naval base and defender patrol boats donated by the United States government. In all, the trip was a success, as it showcased the Embassy’s collaboration with Togolese youth, the government, and private sector actors promoting the country’s economic development and prosperity.

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