DoD sponsored Hospital inaugurated in Dapaong

01 27 2016 Dapang Hospital Inauguration Ambassador cutting the ribbon
Ambassador cutting the ribbon

The Embassy of the United States in Togo matches its words with deeds! “We believe that Togolese deserve a high standard of living, and therefore, we support programs aimed at improving health, education, agriculture and the environment. We also believe that all citizens have the right to quality health care with the continued support of their community leaders and the Ministry of Health. ” This is how Ambassador David R. Gilmour expressed the importance that the United States give to the welfare of people, regardless of their place of residence, during the ceremony of inauguration of the extended building of the analysis laboratory at the Regional Hospital of Dapaong. The execution of this project was made possible through a grant in the amount of about 397,644 US dollars, almost two hundred million CFA of the Humanitarian Assistance Program of the Department of Defense of the United States under the technical supervision of the Corps of Engineers of the U.S. Army. The building includes a waiting room for patients, a cash office, a room for technicians and physicians, a store for reagents and consumables, a blood collection room, and a sanitary.

01 27 2016 New Lab of the Dapaong Hospital
New Lab of the Dapaong Hospital