E-Citizen Camp Uses Technology to Advance Democracy

The Public Affairs section of the Embassy, ​​in collaboration with the Woelab, a local incubator, organized the first Citizen Technology Festival in Togo for seventy-five young IT activists to promote good governance and democracy in Togo. These citizen days called “eCDays”, held at Woelab’s headquarters, follow the March 2016 law guaranteeing free access to public data in Togo. They were an opportunity for young people to suggest a path from “datification” to “datactivism” as a new horizon for civic engagement and for the interest of the democratic process in Togo. Thus, @ miadako228, a connected urn, was developed to promote electoral transparency; Esse.tg, a platform that promotes the participation of citizens in the drafting of bills was also initiated and finally Togofreedata was designed to democratize access to statistics held by mobile operators.