American Spaces

An “American Space” is a small, American-style library located within a local partner organization, usually a library.  It is intended to be a friendly, accessible space, open to the public.   An American Space is a joint partnership project that promotes cooperation and understanding between the United States and Togo.

It serves as regional resource centers for information and programs highlighting American culture, history, current events, and government. “American Space” typically host discussion groups, seminars, digital video conferencing (DVCs), poster exhibits, and meetings with U.S. and local specialists on a wide range of American-focused topics. They act as a regional repository for the use of American-themed books, videos, DVDs, and CD-ROMs and provide free internet access and educational materials.  Access to the American Space’s collection is free and open to all interested citizens.

The American Space is the first place to visit for accurate and up-to-date information about political, economic, cultural, educational and social trends in the United States.  It also offers American speakers on a variety of topics and hosts a range of classes, clubs and activities. Speakers can lead discussions on topics as varied as U.S Sports, the U.S Constitution, U.S exchange programs, holiday traditions in the U.S., and more. In addition, many of the American Spaces sponsor clubs, such as American music, poetry clubs, and video clubs, which allow people to practice their English or just learn more about American culture and traditions.

Currently there are two American Spaces in Togo – one in Lomé (University of Lomé) and another in Kara (University of Kara).  For more details on services and current programs at the American Spaces in Togo, please contact the American Center of Lomé or