News and Press Services

The News and Press Services contribute to U.S. – Togolese understanding by providing both the Togolese and individual citizens with authoritative statements of U.S. policies as well as the genesis of those policies in U.S. society. Thus policy statements by the President, the Secretary of State, or other officials are supplemented by comments from congressional leaders, interested U.S. citizens and organizations, and the U.S. press. At the same time, the Press Section follows the Togolese press closely in order to advise the U.S. Embassy and the State Department on opinion in the host country.

The Public Affairs Section arranges Digital Video (DVC) and Telephone conferences (TPC) via the International Information Program which provides American officials or experts in politics, health, goof governance, commerce and other fields to share their views directly with Togolese audiences. Similarly, the Public Affairs Section also arranges Teleconferences in which Togolese journalists and others have the chance to interview American officials and leaders in many fields during major political events such as the U.S. Presidential elections. The section also provides books on a wide variety of media themes, such as U.S. politics and history, and economics, to Togolese experts and academics.

All enquiries should be addressed to the Information Specialist by phone or by mail.