Learning English


The Embassy supports efforts to expand English language education in Togo. English is the most widely spoken second language in the world, as well as the language of international business, science, and technology. Expanding the number of English speakers in Togo will make the country more competitive economically and lead to more engagement with the U.S. and other English-speaking nations. The Embassy has a variety of programs to support English language learning and teaching.
These are explained below.


The objective of the English Access Micro-scholarship program is to allow students from underprivileged background to improve the level of their knowledge of the English language and have access to a varied scope of exchange of ideas to prepare for a better contribution to the socio-economic development of their country.

The ELF is sent to Togo for a period of 10 months during which he/she trains EL teachers all over the country by organizing teacher training workshops and class visits in all the 5 regions and Lomé District .She/he also teaches conversation class at the American Corners based in the 2 universities of Togo, and collaborates with Togo English Teachers Organization for the promotion of the English Language through various activities in the schools during the academic year.

The ELS is sent to Togo for an intensive two to three weeks teacher training program during which she collaborates with the local trainers of DF to train teachers at two sites: one in the north one in the south, and this during the long vacations.

Work in collaboration with TETO to coordinate activities for the promotion of the English Language in junior and senior High schools of Togo.

Study of the US Institute program: a six-week US based training opportunity for English teachers to enhance their capacities and professionalism.

Online teacher training course with University of Oregon to help build teaching skills through the interactive



The U.S. Department of State’s English Access Micro scholarship Program Spring – Teacher Workshop with the Spring International Language Center (SILC) at the University of Arkansas (U of A) helps participants gain academic and cultural knowledge to enhance their Access curricula in their home countries, and are still in touch with fellow Access teachers they met while in the United States.

The U.S. Department of State’s shaping the Way We Teach English Webinar Courses – U.S. Embassy organizes group viewing sessions for teachers who have difficulty to get connected to internet

Each year it is organized a regional English clubs festival, in each region crowned by an apotheosis in Lomé with the participation of the winning clubs in each region.

This competition is organized annually in each region to improve the language skills of the high schools students. The apotheosis of the event is held in Lomé with the participation of the winning clubs of the regions.