Embassy supports park rangers to protect Togo’s wildlife

Ryan Ballow, US Embassy Lome economic counselor posing with Eco Guards officials and Mr Tossou Datè K. Akpédjé, Regional Director of the Environment

The embassy’s economic counselor, Ryan Ballow, handed over a lot of equipment and property donated by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to the Eco Guards of the Fazao-Malfakasaa National Park in Sokodé on Feb. 2. Tossou Datè K. Akpédjé, the Director of the Ministry of Environment based in Sokodé received the donation, which included over 800 items of clothing and a variety of cameras, binoculars, and spotting scopes.

The donated goods and equipment will help park rangers in their efforts to protect and conserve the wildlife living in the park. Fazao National Park is the largest of Togo’s national park and is home to a variety of species. The population of elephants, after being decimated by hunting and poaching in the 1990s, is at a very early stage of revival which requires close observation and protection from park rangers.

The donation was made possible through the efforts of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service official Thomas Leuteritz, who was based in Lome in 2017 as an Embassy Science Fellow.

Family photo
Family photo