Notice of Funding Opportunity: Strengthening peace & Security and Building Social Cohesion

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Notice of Funding Opportunity

The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Togo is currently accepting small grant proposals aimed at strengthening peace and security and/or building social cohesion. Projects must be less than $20,000.00. Preference will be given to projects that:

  • Build capacity among government officials (local and/or national), security forces, and civil society groups to develop multi-stakeholder strategies to combat the sources of violent extremism
  • Strengthen collaboration between security forces and civil society in at-risk areas to work together to resist violent extremism
  • Increase social cohesion through conflict resolution trainings and/or messaging campaigns targeting key groups within vulnerable populations
  • Build resilience to extremism and social conflicts by addressing the poverty and lack of opportunity at the root of violence through entrepreneurship and education initiatives
  • Raise awareness of the danger of violent extremism through public outreach activities in at-risk communities, including (but not limited to) drama/sketch performances; sports camps; musical concerts; published materials such as comic books, cartoons, graphic novels, etc.

Successful proposals MUST include clear and measurable goals, and a strong monitoring and evaluation component. Detailed mid-project and final reports are obligatory.

In deciding which projects to support, the Embassy will give preference to organizations with a proven track record of executing superior events and programs, and those with a cost share component.

Please also note that grants cannot be used to fund religious organizations or partisan political activity, trade activities, fundraising campaigns, commercial projects or representational expenses.

The period of the call for proposals is April 29 through June 28, 2019. Proposals can be submitted at any time during this period and will be reviewed as they are received.