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Please note that Peace Corps manages their own recruitment process.  Applications to this agency will NOT be processed on ERA.  Applicants who are interested in applying to Peace Corps vacancy should follow the application process provided in their vacancy announcement.


The United States Peace Corps Togo is seeking an individual for the position of

Programming and Training Assistant 

OPEN TO:                    All interested eligible and qualified candidates

POSITION:                   Programming and Training Assistant

OPENING DATE          January 27, 2021

CLOSING DATE:         February 17, 2021

STATUS:                     Full Time (40 hours per week)


Under the supervision of the Director of Programming and Training (DPT), the Programming and Training Assistant (PTA)works with the Program Managers (PMs),Training Manager (TM), and other staff members inexecuting key functions of the Programming and Training(PT) unit in supporting Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) throughout their service. Functions include: creating and maintaining databases (counterpart database;training participant database); managing/maintaining PTsite history files in compliance with Peace Corps policies; managing all PT resource materials at post (hard copy and electronic);reviewing and editing post English and French contributions to PCLivefor both content as well as style and encouraging Volunteers to generate and upload content to PCLive through Peace Corps/Togo-approved channels;organization of materials; assist in the preparation ofPT budgets; logistics coordination; prepare training venues; and administration of all logistical aspects of the following key training and special events, including not but limited to:

  • Pre-Service Training (PST)
  • In-Service Training (IST)
  • Mid-Service Conference (MSC)
  • Close of Service Conference (COS)
  • Training of Trainers (TOT)
  • Annual Swearing-in Ceremony
  • Ring-out Ceremonies
  • Program Advisory Committee Meeting/Development Forum
  • Annual Programming & Training Staff Retreat

In addition, the PTA works with the Human ResourceSpecialist (HRS) to recruit and supervise PT interns each recruitment cycle.The PTA also serves as the liaison between the PT department and HR with respect to the submission of completed time and attendance sheets for Private Service Contractors (PSCs).


The duties of the Programming and Training Assistant include but are not limited to:

Provide Support on all Programming and Training Events                                                    65%

  • Applies knowledge of post and Peace Corps agency policies and procedures in execution of PT events and activities.
  • At the request of theDPT/PMs/TM prepares and distributes event announcements and logistical details to participants.
  • Confirms dates and times with guest speakers and participants.
  • Sends correspondence to Peace Corps partners upon request from DPT,TM,PMs, Small Grants Coordinator, and Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist.
  • Liaises with DPT, PMs, TM and Administration to ensure training supplies are ordered, received, and sent to appropriate venue.
  • Liaises with Administration to ensure all training related contracts areprepared and executed in a timely manner.
  • Arranges file system for monitoring and evaluation data

Volunteer Support                                                                                                                 25%

  • Manages inventory and access to all documents/resources contained within post’s Information Resource Center (IRC).
  • Processes Information Collection and Exchange (ICE)orders on behalf of Volunteers and staff.
  • Informs staff, Trainees and Volunteers about new publications in the (IRC)
  • On an annual basis, works with post staff to order and compile/upload materials to flash drives for distribution to Trainees at the end of PST.
  • Collects ICE resources from COSingVolunteers and reclassifies them.
  • Encourages Volunteers and Staff to upload new materials in English and French to PCLive.Reviews and edits existing materials and uploads to PCLive on behalf of post.
  • Debriefs with staff who have attended regional or global Peace Corps training events to ensure that relevant presentations and resource materials are added to post’s IRC.Notifies Volunteers and staff of availability of such additions to the IRC.
  • Liaises with other posts in the Region who work in similar sectors on a regular basis in order to identify useful resources to enhance post’s IRC.

Unit Administrative Support                                                                                                  10%

  • Manages submission of time and attendance records for PSC within unit.
  • Compiles and edits unit submission for the Volunteer Information Newsletter (VIN) on a monthly basis.
  • Oversees maintenance of site history files by geographic region and ensures that files conform to Peace Corps criteria and policy.
  • Support DPT and TM in managing budgets.
  • Processes TA and reimbursement requests for PT staff members as directed.
  • Liaises with appropriate staff to ensure that all PT unit printers are working and supplies are available.
  • Work with appropriate staff to design and execute creation of banners/signage as needed.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Director of Programming and Training. 
  • Supervisory responsibility
  • The incumbent provides daily supervision to interns per recruitment cycle.


  • Completion of secondary school.While not required, additional pertinent technical or collegiate educationhighly desired.

Experience, Abilities and Skills:

  • Experience as program assistant, or administrative assistant or related is required. Experience in international organization or similar is desirable
  • Computer competency: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, internet
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and to work effectively with multiple staff and volunteers of different backgrounds.
  • Demonstrated ability to juggle multiple priorities and meet deadlines.
  • Experience working with people of various cultures is an advantage.
  • Knowledge of diplomatic and business protocol/formalities is an advantage.
  • Proactive and self-motivated.
  • Team member who is solutions oriented and interested in finding better and more productive ways to accomplish responsibilities.

Prior work experience:

  • Two or more years of related experience working in a similar environment. Three to five years with an international/multicultural organization is desirable.

Language Proficiency:

  • Professional working proficiency (Level 3) in spoken and written English, and full fluency in French, are required.

Supervision received

  • Position is supervised by the Director of Programming and Training. The incumbent must be able to function well both as a team member and independently.

Safety and Security:

  • Addresses Volunteer safety and security by adhering to Peace Corps site development policies and procedures.Identifies and immediately communicates Volunteer safety and security concerns and issues to the Safety and Security Manager (SSM) and the Country Director (CD). Assists Program Managers to ensure that prospective sites meet established programmatic and safety/security criteria (e.g., safe housing, a clearly defined assignment with an organization that shows real interest in working with a Volunteer, etc.). Reviews and references site history files when evaluating potential sites, and incorporates appropriate safety and security-related information into site history files.Monitors Volunteer compliance with Peace Corps policies, especially related to safety and security. Participates in the design and implementation of the Emergency Action Plan (EAP).Acts as duty officer, as needed.Knowledgeable and supportive of Peace Corps safety and security policies and procedures, including the timely reporting of suspicious incidents, persons or articles.

Physical condition

  • The duties and responsibilities of the Programming and Training Assistant are primarily executed from the office in Lomé. He or she will be physically present and welcome Volunteers when PT staff members are out of office and will be able to guide them. The PTA will on occasion be required to travel to training events and training sites and may be requested to participate in site identification visits to prospective host communities.

Occasional Money Holder

  • The personal services contractor (PSC) may be requested to courier cash and/or purchase orders to various vendors who furnish supplies and/or services to Pre-Service Training/In-Service Training sites, or other locations as directed by the Contracting Officer. The PSC may also be requested to courier cash to Peace Corps Trainees or Volunteers.The PSC will not be functioning as a procurement or disbursing official but will only be acting as an intermediary between the Contracting or Disbursing Officer and the recipient. In the case of dealing with vendors, the PSC will not exercise any procurement discretion concerning the supplies or services to be purchased or the cost limits of these purchases; these will be determined by the Contracting Officer.

All the applications including a cover letter and curriculum vitae in English with three references, copies of most recent diplomas, work certificates and a valid police record (CasierJudiciairedatant de moins de trois mois) must be sent to the following address by February 17, 2021:


 Peace Corps Togo Internship Program
June – July – August 2020

The Peace Corps Togo internship program offers a unique opportunity to learn more about the operations of Peace Corps, while gaining valuable experience in an organization. Interns at Peace Corps Togo will have real responsibility and real work for a duration of three months. This internship period may be renewed for an additional three months (for a maximum of six months) depending upon need and performance of the intern.

Eligible candidates will be technical school or university students in excellent standing preparing their final year or to graduate in 2021. Candidates will be selected based on the final recruitment interview results. The internships will be unpaid; however, interns will receive a stipend of 20,000 cfa a month as a contribution toward the cost of transportation. Interested candidates should follow the application instructions below.

Open to:          All interested end-of study students
Position:          Internship
Opening date: March 12, 2020
Closing date:   April 2, 2020
Duration:        Initially, 3 months (beginning in June 2020)

All intern applicants should submit the following documents to, no later than April 2, 2020.

  • Cover letter with desired field of internship (see below)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Valid police record (casier judiciaire datant de moins de trois mois)
  • Copies of diploma(s).

NB: Failure to submit all the required documents will result in an incomplete application.

Minimum qualifications for all positions include:

  • Near to completion of a relevant course of studies (BAC +3)
  • Ability to communicate in French and English, both written and spoken
  • Ability to manage varied activities in a fast-paced work environment
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to work in a multicultural environment
  • Excellent computer skills (Microsoft Office)

Please find below the available internships as well as specific selection criteria and general responsibilities for the positions. Please indicate which position(s) you are most interested in when you submit your application. If there are more than one, please rank them in order of interest.

Please indicate which position(s) you are most interested in when you submit your application. If there are more than one, please rank them in order of interest. 

  • General Services Intern – (Maintenance and Motor pool Management)

Under the supervision of the General Services Assistant, the GSA intern will be responsible for the re-organization and preparation of an inventory of the garage and warehouse; assist GSA with vehicle and residential maintenance and repair; and other duties as requested.

Specific Qualifications:

Nearing completion of a degree at a Technical School or University. Training and experience in the mechanics, electricity, plumbing or engineering is required.

  • Human Resources (HR) Intern

Under the supervision of the Human Resources Specialist, the HR intern performs a variety of basic personnel related clerical duties, maintaining employment records, and basic functions relative to customer service in the HR department. He/she handles office duties such as recording applications and assisting in recruitments, drafting letters, forwarding mails, answering phones, filing reports and managing staff timesheets, as well as performing other duties as requested.

Specific Qualifications:

Nearing completion of a degree in any discipline, preferably with coursework in human resources.

  • Financial Intern

Under the supervision of the Deputy Director of Management and Operations, the Financial intern will help with: budget preparation; photocopies/scanning; DHL package preparation; Filing; contracts preparation/reviewing; Arithmetic calculation of various receipts/vouchers; Determination of proper fiscal coding; Bill of Collection file reorganization; and other duties as requested.

Specific Qualifications:

Nearing completion of a university degree in Finance, Accounting, Business management, Economics.

  • Information Technology (IT) Intern

Under the supervision of the IT Specialist, the IT intern will be tasked to do the following:

  • Network and Systems Verification: perform a daily check of communication networks and report findings to the IT Specialist for appropriate follow up action. Remedy telephone and Fax line problems, including the office GSM gateways; Wi-Fi installations; Internet connections.
  • Information management: IT inventory: help complete asset movement forms for IT devices to make sure that the inventory is up to date and well documented; filing of IT records in accordance with Peace Corps standards; contact list updates; conduct smart phone training and/or troubleshooting; backups; finding duplicate files on the shared drive; keeping SharePoint up-to-date.
  • Customer Technical Support: IT logistics: setup IT devices as needed (printers, projectors, conference room appliances); Respond promptly to users’ call and provide tier 1 technical support, and other duties as requested.

Specific Qualifications:

Nearing completion of a degree at a Technical School or University in Computer Science (Network Administration or Programming).

  • Programming and Training T Intern

Under the supervision of the Programming and Training Assistant, the P&T Intern will: transfer of all the site history files into filing cabinets; create and file a “parent folder”; organize existing site files; arrange the files chronologically.

Organize alphabetically each Volunteer file in the corresponding “parent  folder”; maintain a filing system of all Staff and Administration records, maintain a filing system of all Administration materials, records and correspondence; and other duties as requested.

Specific Qualifications:

Education in a Technical School or University level in Administration or project management related subject.

  • Volunteer Liaison Intern

Under the supervision of the Volunteer Liaison officer, the VL intern will be responsible for:

Filing volunteer payment details, statement of earnings, VESI  and VICA reports; assisting the volunteer liaison with volunteer queries by reviewing applicable rules and regulations from the PC Togo volunteer handbook; assisting with verifications related to volunteer vacation  requests and official travel; assisting with flight reservations for official travel (medevac, termination, completion of service); drafting travel authorizations with the guidance of volunteer liaison and  submit for signatures; relay leave approvals and request for additional information to volunteers; and other duties as requested.

Specific Qualifications:

Education in a Technical School or University level in Administration or related subject.

  • Safety and Security

Under the supervision of the safety and Security Manager (SSM), the intern will be responsible for:

Ranking and archiving by Region and Program (EGE, CHAMP, EAFS) information on old and new Peace Corps sites: this information will include, among others, the work that has been done in the regions and the challenges faced by the volunteers in their successions in the region; setting up a search guide for information in the archives and training the programming staff on this guide; developing on the office share, a spreadsheet that gives the content of the history files sites with indication to find them in the cabins where the information is stored; working with the SSC to include flagship security information for each region in the history files site and then including them in the spreadsheet on the office share; assist the SSM in centralizing information on volunteers’ whereabouts to produce details of volunteer movements inside and outside the country every Monday; and other duties as requested.

Specific Qualifications:

Education in a Technical School or University level in Administration, Business Management or related subject.

  • Executive Assistant Intern

Under the supervision of the Executive Assistant, the intern is responsible for:

Preparing Ecobank letters for Cashier; preparing Togocel, Togotelecom, Café Informatique letters for IT; preparing other administrative official letters (visa and passport, letters for APCDs); follow documents signature by CD and dispatch to staff; follow IRC books request and return by PCVs; helping with VIN development; administrative swearing preparation: PST letters; Swearing in invitees list, envelops and cards; helping with grant folders filing and updating grant boards; taking note at senior staff meeting and write minutes; taking note at P&T meeting and write minutes; receiving  calls in the receptionist’s absence; helping with this year’s PCV survey; sending fax messages when requested to do so; and other duties as requested.

Specific Qualifications:

Education in a Technical School or University level in Administration, Business Management or related subject.

  • Medical Unit Intern

The Medical Unit Intern works performs administrative duties under the supervision of the Medical Secretary and is responsible for:

Assisting with scanning document; working on the non-inventory data base; renaming of documents; help with medicament receiving and checking; reorganizing and arranging medicine in a good order in the Pharmacy; assisting with medical inventory preparation and files; assisting with various document filing; receiving and directing calls as necessary as possible; preparing correspondences; scanning and making photocopies; and other duties as requested.

Specific Qualifications:

Education in a Technical School or University level in Administration, Business Management or related subject.