Entrepreneurship Training for Young Women

Entrepreneurial and Leadership conceptsThe U.S. Embassy in Togo sponsored training in entrepreneurship and leadership for the benefit of 15 junior high school girls from September 17-20, 2015.  Designed by the Togolese NGO Wake Up, the program featured Orchestra Bella Bellow, a female musical group, whose members also trained the girls in musical skills. Divided into three groups, participants presented three projects based on the entrepreneurial and leadership concepts they received during the training.  The trainees unanimously recognized the positive change that training instructions brought into their lives.  As one said, “This training has brought a big change in my life. I feel that I am no longer the same. I have more confidence in myself.  This training allowed me to understand that I can become whatever I want in life if I am determined to work hard to remove all obstacles that may stand on my way.”

Junior secondary school girls