Huntertones in Lome

US Ambassador Huntertones and Local Musicians
U.S. Ambassador David Gilmour, Huntertones and Local Musicians

The Huntertones, a jazz/funk ensemble of five American musicians from New York City, on tour in Africa, arrived on January 31, 2016. In Lomé, they are appearing in public concerts, interactive performances, master classes with local musicians, and high profile interviews. The Huntertones is a unique voice defying any kind in the world of contemporary music. Their compositions fuse jazz, funk, soul, hip hop, gospel, R & B, and rock, producing a signature sound in wind instruments base capable of vibrating any audience. The group’s mission is simple: create live music on authentic instruments to reflect and move the public.

Huntertones event at University of Lome
Huntertones event at University of Lome

The Huntertones tour is part of the State Department’s American Music Abroad program for artists who represent the new generation of American ambassadors of music. Each year the program selects about ten ensembles and sends them on tour in several countries for a month. Their goal: to go beyond concert halls to exchange with other musicians and meet other citizens around the world.