Leadership Training Program for Togo’s Next Generation of Leaders

a view of last class session with Yali 2014
A view of last class session with one Mandela Washington Fellows

100 Youth Take Part in Leadership Training

Ambassador Gilmour awarded certificates to the participants in a multi-session personal development training program for Togo’s next generation of leaders. This program facilitated by members of the Togo Alumni Community, including Mandela Washington Fellows, was an opportunity for 50 Togolese youth to hone their leadership and managerial skills. It also encouraged them to think and behave according to democratic governance values, elaborate viable options for their future careers, and establish dialogue on various topics. Various U.S. related resources were also presented to them. The course included modules such as time management, accountability and civic engagement, problem solving, innovation and creativity, negotiation, and change management. The Embassy held a similar training program for 50 Togolese youth in Kara, located in Togo’s northern region.