Michigan State University Alumni visit Lomé.

Women at Universities and beyond,  two MSU Alumni visiting Lomé

On March 31, two successful female American Alumni from Michigan State University (MSU) are visiting Lomé to share their successful stories during a valuable and inspirational presentation on their exceptional academic and professional achievements. Dr Valeria Jackson and Dr LaClaire Bouknight are 2 of an African American family of 8 sisters (the Green Sister), who all pursued  their Ph.D. degrees in the field of Science, Medicine mostly at MSU. More than 150 students from the University of Lomé were engaged in this conversation around Studying in the U.S. from the Civil rights movement periods until now, women in Science, and women contributions to society through high education.

During this meeting, EducationUSA students received personalized packages from MSU and the students were given the opportunity to map their expectations and academic goals at MSU.  A perfect occasion for the Advisor to give a  significant talk about the importance of designing academic goals that match career plans. Besides expressed interest for studying at MSU, several questions that came from this session revolved around whether there is possibility for a relationship to be established between MSU and University of Lome.

In addition, still with this alumni connection, a pen friend program between Renaissance High school in Detroit and English Club students in Lomé came to life. The kickoff happened on April 1 during the English Day event organized by a high School in Lomé with the active participation of EducationUSA. This MSU Alumni outreach engaged more than 500 participants in Lomé and is a joint programming of the American Corner and EducationUSA.