Peace Corps Sponsored Camp Unite for Togolese Youth

In collaboration with Peace Corps Togo and YMCA Togo, the U.S. Embassy organized Camp UNITE, two sessions of a summer camp promoting national unity, education, initiative, and work for Togolese youth. Camp UNITE comprised one six-day camp for girls, one six-day camp for boys and five days for training Togolese and American camp leaders. The program was designed to promote healthy lifestyle choices in the areas of health, gender equity and community leadership. In addition, camp participants benefited from increased national solidarity resulting from exposure to Togolese ethnic and cultural diversity. The overall objective is to train youth to be actively involved in Togo’s development at the individual, community, and national level. At his June 22 remarks to the girls’ session, Ambassador David Gilmour encouraged the young ladies “to put to good use the information that you receive during Camp UNITE. And, most importantly, to be confident that as you do so, you will contribute to the development of your community and country in ways that improve your life and the lives of those around you.”
Camp Unite for Togolese Youth1