Remarks by Ambassador David Gilmour’s at the opening of the American Space of the University of Kara

Ambassador David Gilmour during his speech
Ambassador David Gilmour during his speech
Ambassador David Gilmour during his speech

Remarks by Ambassador David Gilmour
Opening of the new American Corner Building at the University of Kara
October 12, 2017

Monsieur the Prefet of Kozah
Monsieur the President of the University of Lome
Distinguished faculty
Dear students
Honored guests
Ladies and gentlemen

I am delighted to join you for this wonderful occasion. I would like to thank President Sandah who has enthusiastically supported the renovation and upgrade of the American Corner in Kara. Earlier today, the President and I met in his office and he talked about his vision for the future of the University of Kara, where the university will be synonymous with bold innovation and a global outlook.

This redesigned and upgraded American Corner will be a part of that vision. It will be a reference point on the campus for the free exchange of ideas, where students can nourish and develop their talents, and where connections with the U.S. and the rest of the world will only be a click of the computer mouse away.

Our hope is that the American Corner will serve as an intellectual asset to the University and to all interested community groups. It is designed to be a library, a cyber café, a performance space, a language learning facility, and much more.

My team at the Embassy is committed to making sure the American Corner has a full calendar of activities. Embassy officials and other U.S. Government representatives will serve as speakers, guests, and participants at American Corner educational and cultural events throughout the year. What’s more, I’m proud to announce that our colleague Mr. Howard Johnson will be based here at the corner for the entire academic year, working in the Corner to help faculty, students and the general public improve their understanding and speaking of the English Language. We have heard so often that English is needed for students to find jobs, and for faculty to be able to connect professionally with colleagues in other countries – well, Howard is here to help meet that need, and I hope you will give him a very warm welcome!

It is our hope that the inauguration of the new American Corner will mark an important milestone in the strong relationship between the U.S. Embassy and the university of Kara, and between the American people and the people of the kara region

Thank you.