Togo’s National Day

On behalf of the United States Government and the American people, I extend my congratulations to the Togolese people on the 60th anniversary of your independence.  As COVID-19 spreads to all corners of the globe, we are coming together more than ever to confront this global challenge.  We appreciate Togo’s continued attention to stamping out this pandemic.

We also welcome Togo’s efforts to facilitate investment to promote trade and economic growth and create a better standard of living for all Togolese citizens.  The United States recognizes Togo’s important contributions to regional peace and security and continues to be a proud partner in these efforts.  As we mark  sixty years of U.S.-Togo bilateral relations, we look forward to finding additional avenues of cooperation not only in the economic, health, and security spheres, but also to strengthen Togo’s democratic institutions and civic participation.

Congratulations on this important anniversary.