Emergency Passports

All full-validity passports are now printed in the United States, except in a few special and limited situations. Here are some guidelines as to what constitutes a true emergency:

  • a lost or stolen passport with an urgent need for travel in less than two weeks.
  • a medical emergency.
  • an emergency situation that does not meet the above criteria but is severe enough to warrant emergency action

Please be aware that the rules for emergency passport issuance are strict, and a consular officer will determine if your situation meets the standard for an emergency.  If your situation is not considered an emergency, you may be asked to book an online appointment and return to the embassy on that day.  Emergency passports have the same fees as regular passports but have very limited validity.  The passport will expire shortly after your urgent travel has been completed.

If you believe your situation meets the criteria for an emergency, please come prepared when you walk-in by bringing all the completed application forms and documents listed on the specific passport service you are requesting along with the following proof of emergency: 

  • proof of your travel in less than two weeks (e.g. purchased ticket/s, flight confirmation, etc.)
  • medical records if your emergency is based on a medical emergency.

If you have an emergency reason for travel in less than two weeks, please check first if we have an online appointment available before your travel date.  To check for an appointment, please click on the appropriate passport service on the menu on the left and follow the instructions. If you need to travel prior to our earliest appointment, you may walk in to the Embassy with your confirmed travel itinerary or purchased ticket or other valid proof of the emergency travel.

For emergency passport services, or for other emergency issues, please contact the American Citizen Services unit directly by phone Mondays through Friday during our working hours at 22615470, or by email at consularlome@state.gov. If you have an emergency situation outside of these hours, contact the Embassy at 22615470 X 4403